About us

JSC Wood Market

We are a team of specialists who have been working in the field of raw wood for already 13 years. In recent years we have managed to spread company‘s operations beyond Lithuania. Currently UAB Wood Market closely cooperates and keeps in touch with such countries as Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, and the Netherlands.
In our history we have developed and expanded our operations from the trade of raw wood to the construction of wooden structures.

Our company specializes in the supply of the following production:

  • Raw Siberian Larch wood (single and double cutting);
  • Planed wood (siding and terrace board);
  • Larch tiles;
  • Siberian Larch logs.

Our products meet all European Quality
Standards and are of the superior  quality. The highest quality is also achieved by the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, i.e. Siberian Larch.

Due to inclement weather conditions, this tree is highly resistant to the atmosphere changes. Unfavourable growing conditions have conditioned such structure qualities of larch as narrow tree rings, thick structure, and equal resin distribution between tree fibres. As a result, Siberian Larch is hard wood, resistant to external effects, humidity, fungal diseases, and pest insects. Larch does not rot and is resistant to chemical lesions.  Due to the aforementioned reasons, the wood is perfect for outdoor implementations.